The Mission
The Team

Malory has had over three decades of experience in the property industry. In this time he has covered most fields, including commercial, residential, leisure and hotels, and is one of the foremost real estate entrepreneurs of his generation. He has spearheaded many high profile and controversial projects through to a successful conclusion.

He is Chief Executive of Blackfriars Investments Limited. His main strengths are property related law, corporate law, offshore taxation, planning and finance. All these areas engage him on a daily basis.

Above all, he is responsible for new policy and investment strategy, to ensure that the timing of acquisitions and disposals are correct and that new markets and opportunities are sought, keeping the company at the head of the market.

As principal, he brings to the position hands-on knowledge of the subject matter, and this has resulted in the company being extremely well respected amongst both its competitors and professional firms throughout the property market.