The Mission
The Team

The management team at Blackfriars Investments has been carefully formed to create the ideal blend of experience and initiative. It is committed to achieving not only maximum income yield, but also creating outstanding overall returns by concentrating on enhancing the capital value of each and every one of the real estate holdings it manages on behalf of its investors. In realising that overall returns are maximised only through constant attention to releasing underlying latent value via refurbishment, change of use, improved planning consent, redevelopment, active asset management, effective financing and the timing of entry and exit, the team seek to make every asset perform to its maximum capability.

The team has evolved over the ten years since its formation and is now specialising in town centre regeneration. Blackfriars Investments is considered to be at the forefront in obtaining planning consents in extremely difficult situations, hence enhancing values and thereby offering investors super profits.

The team has a clear appreciation of the benefits and risks of gearing in enhancing the overall return performance of each asset, and pays close attention to both the systematic risk in the United Kingdom, the United States and the world economy, and the specific risk of investing in particular assets in London and the South East. Local knowledge is the sine qua non of effective investment in UK real estate, and the team have an intimate familiarity with the sophistication and complexity of the UK market, and a precise appreciation of the importance of the legal, planning and technical aspects of successful investment and development in this market.

Blackfriars Investments pride themselves on being great joint venture partners, forming special partnerships for specific projects. The versatile and flexible way in which the team works has proved to be very valuable to many institutions, banks, insurers and developers. These unique partnerships result in a particularly resourceful force in this demanding market.