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These three impressive buildings are located adjacent to one another on a large site, within a few hundred yards from the town centre. Realising the value of the site as a whole, massing studies and planning studies are being carried out to ascertain possible development potential. Alternative uses in addition to the existing are being explored including possible residential, office use, retail and leisure use.

This impressive building has as its main tenant First Rate Travel Services Limited, a joint venture between The Post Office Limited and the Bank of Ireland Group, on a 15 year lease.

This 46,000 sq foot building has been let to a single tenant who will be vacating the premises shortly on the expiration of its lease. Blackfriars Investments shall be investigating alternative uses in addition to seeking to let the building on a single or multi let basis.

This 26,000 sq foot building is presently fully let. However, the sole tenant has confirmed its intention to vacate the building at the end of its lease and Blackfriars Investments are in discussions with the undertenant in relation to expansion of its requirements and also considering an opportunity of placing a business centre on one of the floors.

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